Movie Name : Jalsa dfgdf

Directed by : trivikramasdasd hello

Produced by :dilraaaju

cast : pavan kalyan

Music : dsp hello

Release Date : 31-May-2018

JanaSena Party JanaSena Party is an Indian Political party in states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana founded by Mr. Pawan Kalyan a famous actor turned to a politician. On 14th March, 2014. Pawan Kalyan formally launched the party at Hyderabad Convention Centre, Madhapur. He submitted an application for registering party name on 14th March 2014. JanaSena Party Agenda To unite castes in Accord. Society is not discriminated against religion, caste, and location. Respecting all languages of its traditions. A society protecting native traditions. Unite people by Patriotism without restricting to Regionalism. To make people come out of poverty. To give education to values. All the above points increase the roots for country’s strength and this is the main theme of JanaSena Party. A place no one will be unemployed. A place where no one is homeless. Giving ray of hope to farmers to not to commit suicide and make them rich. JanaSena Party’s Logo JanaSena Party Emblem is combination forces that defined our nations life and struggle. White color White color indicates the peace and constancy of several thousands of years of Indian civilization and culture. Red Color The Emblem itself is red color, which signifies revolution. A deep and true change within. Six-Pointed Star The six-pointed star signifies the six ideals of JanaSena party. The six ideals are varied with blood of our sons and daughters who belongs to those ideals surviving from several generations. The dot in the center represents the soul of every living being. The soul is our true authenticity and it is eventual truth. The soul at midpoint is heart of everything. Black Lining Black lining on emblem symbolizes the balance between revolutionary zeal and it opposing forces to avoid prejudice and discordance. JanaSena Party Future Plan JanaSena will active from June. The party will contest in upcoming 2019 elections in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Most of the tickets will allotted to youth. We are ready to face the elections and I am aiming at supporting people and understanding their problems. Pawan Kalyan will contest from Anantapur during upcoming Assembly elections. We have no plans to join or alliance with other political parties.

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