Can Janasena make it happen in 2019 ?

Wednesday, 12th Dec 2018
Can Janasena make it happen in 2019 ?

Even though Telangana and Andhra people are separated regionally they are one and the same cognitively. Anything related to both the states show great impact on each other. Recent poll results of Telangana proves the statement right. As expected by everyone KCR reformed the government in Telangana and shifted the focus to 2019 elections. Now the curiosity levels about the new chief minister in Andhra Pradesh has increased in the minds of Telugu people.

Facing lot of criticism with his irresponsible rule in Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu miserably failed with his Mahakutami in Telangana also. From the political analysts perspective, he is definitely out of the competition in the coming elections of Andhra Pradesh. According to them, the real challenge is in between Pawan Kalyan of Janasena and Jagan Mohan Reddy of YCP. Going to their clean political image most of the people are expecting Pawan Kalyan to enthrone the CM chair. Even maximum Telangana people have the same opinion and asking, can Janasena make it happen in 2019 ?

Well of course, there is a great chance, says an analyst. As there is only three to four months time left for the elections, the ruling party TDP has lesser chances of regaining the power. On the other hand, last time opponent YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is making severe efforts not to miss this time. He is already touring all over the state to attract the voters. But what he lack is, sincerity in his appeal. Every time people expect him to question about their sufferings, he asks for power to do it. This has brought dissatisfaction among the people, who believe that Pawan Kalyan is far better than YS Jagan as an opposition leader.

Moreover Jagan has some scams and illegal businesses for which he needs the power to safeguard himself. In contrast to this, Pawan Kalyan is coming with clean image with the only agenda of serving the people. His commitment to the peoples welfare and his dedication for the better society is seen everywhere throughout his Praja Porata Yatra. Except his personal image of three marriages which people dont care, Pawan dont have any loop holes to point out his political image. That is why YCP leaders are now targeting Pawan only with the personal abuse.

On the other side it is believed that caste plays vital role in regional politics. According to observers Pawan has little edge in this regard also when compared to Jagan Mohan Reddy. Indeed Pawan has huge fan following in both the states irrespective of the caste. He has the potentiality to guide the people with his ideologies. Hence it is not a hard task for Pawan to make it possible in the coming elections.

On to flip side, the main concern for all the people would be his cadre build up. Until now there is not a single leader in Janasena Party who could counter attack on the opposition parties and support Pawan Kalyan. This is where Pawan has to work out seriously. On to ground level work, Pawan has just now focusing on it and the remaining three months is crucial to reach every corner village of the state. Apart from youth and same community people, Pawan has to get the support of common people who see a leader in terms of experience. If he passes the above hurdles, it would be a cake walk for him to raise as the new chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Lets hope it will happen !