Jana Tarangam the wave of new era

Thursday, 6th Dec 2018
Jana Tarangam the wave of new era

When the politics get demoralized and the society is corrupted, a revolution will rise like a wave. It will eradicate the tree of corruption along with the roots that has been grounded from generations. Right now in AP state, corruption is everywhere and depravity is found in every politician. At this situation, to establish social justice and equality, Janasena party has stormed in to the state like a wave of people, sending off the traditional politics and paving for a new era.

Showing the true meaning of leader, that is a slave to the people, Pawan is reaching everywhere for the people in need. His thirst to help the poor has led to the formation of Jana Tarangam program. A program designed for educating the people about the manifesto and turning them into members of the party. Even though it is initiated to strengthen the party, the main motive behind it is to explore the issues of common people. In addition to that, all the Janasainiks would be in enthusiastic feel to reach the people and be a part of the new age politics.

At a time when the states top media has become lucrative to TDP and abandoned Pawan Kalyan, he himself became a journalist and showed morality of journalism educating that social media is not about entertainment but for a cause. Explaining about his manifesto on one side, Pawan is coming to live on his Face book everyday to know more about peoples issues. For this reason people of Andhra are calling him as the gem of true leadership.

Generally the politicians used to come to people only at the time of elections and used to be in AC rooms after that period, leaving the issues aside. Hence, by now the people of Andhra have understood the real difference between the peoples leader and a politician. When the media of ruling and opposition parties have suppressed their voice, in the name of Pawan they have found a new voice to express their issues.

On one side you have a ruling leader who is making lot of money using peoples wealth and on the other side you have opposition leader safeguarding his illegal wealth. At this juncture, all the people of Andhra have found Pawan as the only alternative. Keeping their belief, all the Janasainiks have been working vigorously to bring awareness among the people and destroy the tree of corruption with the help of Jana Tarangam, the wave of people.