Pawan the lone warrior

Friday, 23rd Nov 2018
Pawan the lone warrior

Countless miles of journey starts with only one step, The history belonging to innumerable people is written by only one person, where ever I go, I be like people and I will be in the people, this is the dialogue uttered by Pawan Kalyan in a movie. Whether it is on screen or off screen, he has the same image with great concern about the welfare of the people. Carrying this image in the political field as well, Pawan promised to fight for the people even if he dont have any back support. Also the entire media of Andhra Pradesh have been trying to provoke him in many manners, he is keeping his cool and became the alternative hope for all the people in the state.

His calmness has made him to a real and complete politician, because of which the so called media is beginning to fear. They are finding Pawan as the real threat to the political party, which is the back bone of their financial support. If we have to say in the same words of Jalsa Pawan, he has given tones of fear to everyone in the corrupt rule. All his fans and supporters could not forget the way he exposed the issues of the state, that has not only shown his dedication towards the peoples welfare but also educated the said media about the unbiased journalism. Pawan fans have said to be thanking the so called media, because their respect towards Pawan has now reached to sky limits and formed in to great admiration.

His fight against the TDP rowdy rulers, Uddanam issue, Vanthada illegal mining and most importantly the withdrawal of support to BJP for not giving special status has made him the ideal leader in the hearts of AP people. After doing this much of service, Pawan not even shown an ounce of pride and still walking tall with lot of commitment like a restless warrior.

As a part of making a brighter society, Pawan now extended his well being thoughts to national level as well. Recently he has visited Chennai and introduced his ideologies saying that it is the time to wake up for all southern political parties to fight against the arrogant Northern rule. At the time when most of the regional parties are not showing any guts to oppose the central government, Pawan alone raised his voice against the biased rule of the central government stating that all are equal.

Being a leader is not a pride thing, but being a lovable leader is certainly a good thing, this exactly suits for Pawan. Over the past four years from 2014, we can clearly say that there is no other leader than Pawan Kalyan to sincerely raise his voice for the fortune of the people. If we have to say in the words of Bala Gangadhar Tilak, his house is far away and it is full of darkness, the way is abnormal with no lamp in his hand, the only thing he has is full of confidence in the heart. Like a ray of the sun to eradicate the darkness of injustice, Pawan is marching alone like a warrior.