Everest Never Bends Infront of Anyone

Monday, 22nd Oct 2018
Everest Never Bends Infront of Anyone

In case of Politics or Cinema, people always admire the real character of the person. They identify themselves in their worshipping idol. They can oppose, respond, elate or even give their life just for the sake of their admiration. Some people call it as foolishness, while some say it as an admiration beyond the limits. Whatever it is, we hardly find such personalities in decades who can inspire large number of people. One of such unique personality is Janasena president, Pawan Kalyan.

Presently a political meeting is not possible without giving a beer bottle and money to each individual. At this juncture, gathering a huge crowd in lakhs with just one call at Dhavaleshvaram bridge shows the true caliber of the actor turned politician. But the TDP leaders are never going to believe it, saying that he is a superstar and it is common to get innumerable people when he addresses.

Before TDP won in previous elections, there was a tough fight between TDP and YSRCP to crown the CM chair. It is the sudden support of Pawan Kalyan which stood as key for the success of TDP. The same thing is accepted by the ruling party many times in these five years. Then, why the TDP leaders are changing their voice now ? how could such friendly gesture turned in to rivalry ? the answer is his commitment, says the admirers of Pawan Kalyan.

During 2014 elections Janasenani Pawan thought, the newly formed state requires an experienced leader like Chandrababu. But it did not go as he expected, the irresponsible and corrupt ruling of TDP leaders has irked him so much. Moreover the compromising nature of Chandrababu with the central government on special package has made the consequences more critical. He realized that TDP government is not at all good for common people, especially for the next generation. As a result, he has taken his support back from TDP and pledged that it doesnt come to power once again.

Standing on the side of common people, by opposing state government as well as central government now Pawan has become peoples leader. His Character with undulating courage and undistracted confidence has attracted many people to create a history in coming elections. He believes only in people but not in leaders. That is why at the launch of Janasena Party he said, even the goal is far away and the rout is dark, his heart is full of courage to reach the destiny. Simply in his words at Parade, Everest never bends in front of anyone.