Who is Pawan target in TS ?

Saturday, 13th Oct 2018
Who is Pawan target in TS ?

After establishing Janasena Party Pawan Kalyan mainly focused on Andhra Pradesh leaving Telangana elections aside. The reason could be the economically backwardness of Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation. Moreover in Telangana, TRS win is already confirmed before the commencement of 2014 elections as the people thought KCR would the right leader to lead the newly formed state. Hence Pawan thought AP requires more dedicated and experienced leaders to make it as one of the best states in India.

As a result he supported TDP for a great victory but the result is not as he expected. The state is facing lot of criticism about the irresponsible and corrupt nature of TDP leaders. So Pawan felt accountable to the people of Andhra Pradesh and making sure that it never comes to power once again. Now he almost occupied top place in the hearts of Andhra people with his Praja Porata Yatra and the coming elections has to just confirm it.

Coming to Telangana, the scene has completely changed now after KCR announced dissolution of the assembly. Although most of the people and TRS supporters aiming to repeat the great victory, the dissatisfaction among some people raising doubts about its win. At this juncture, it is interesting to see who would does Janasena support in Telangana state. As Pawan has huge fan base and his own healthy cadre in Telangana, it has become the talk of the state now.

Actually Pawan himself wanted to contest in 2019 Telangana elections, but the dissolution of the assembly has come like a surprise for him. By that time he already readied 20 to 25 candidates to contest in the elections. During the tour of his Praja Porata Yatra he himself disclosed about this to a scribe and said now it is impossible for him to contest in TS. But declared that he will definitely support a party as he had done for TDP in previous elections.

In Telangana, mainly three political parties are battling for power. The ruling party TRS is very much confident about its victory while the opposition Congress is making their own strategies to thrown the CM chair. In this regard, it has made an ally with TDP which is a big surprise for common people. On the other side BJP is moving its pawns to gain the space between the two parties. At this time, who will have the support of Janasena ?

He will not support Congress, thats for sure, as it is the main culprit for state bifurcation and making ally with TDP. The chances are more to support TRS as well as BJP. But whoever he supports, they have to face his dissatisfaction if they dont keep their promise to common people, it is guaranteed as he is peoples leader.