Andhra occupied, what about Seema ?

Friday, 12th Oct 2018
Andhra occupied, what about Seema ?

We all know Pawan Kalyan is the king of box office collections when it comes to movies. Andhra, Naizam or Seeded irrespective of the regions he shook the box office with his own style of acting. Then, what about politics ? will he smash the bulls eye in politics also ? would he create the same sensation in politics as much as he did in movies ? These are the questions revolving in every diehard fans mind.

Clearing their doubts Pawan Kalyan single handedly uplifted the prevalence of the Janasena Party in recent times. Whether it is opposing the special package from the central government or criticizing the state government for accepting the package, his sincerity is admitted by the people of Andhra Pradesh. Even though he supported both the parties in the previous elections, people believe that it is acceptable considering those situations.

And their belief is shown in the form of appreciation at Praja Porata Yatra. The way Janasenani is mingling with common people and addressing their problems, it is evident that the people are finding their true leader in him. But till now Janasenani has toured only key districts of Andhra region and he is yet to visit the remaining districts including Seema region.

Both TDP and YSRCP hold prominent place in Seema region. And to gain the mileage Pawan has to tour Rayalaseema as early as possible, says a janasainik. Although to win the election both districts of Godavari are key, to clean sweep with great majority the four districts of Seema are very important for Janasena, opinions another janasainik.

But the party sources says, it is too early to think that Janasenani is neglecting the Seema region as he is doing his job brilliantly. Pawan dont need to tour for votes, a day early or late he will definitely visit each and every area of the state to address the issues. As still six more months left for the general elections, Pawan has his own plans to visit Seema regions, said the party member in a confident voice. So the gun is getting ready with the bullets of questions, stay tuned for Seema show.