Do unification of castes favor Janasena ?

Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018
Do unification of castes favor Janasena ?

In India, caste system plays a prominent role in the general elections. Often we see politicians do different things to grab the attention of the caste community. In the past history, few leaders even promised of giving CM chair to one of the caste members and later settled in the chair, offering a ministry or something else to that respective person. Finally it is the people who became fools listening to their promises.

Even then the affection for the caste has not gone in the minds of common people. This is the reason why the politicians are still using it as the main weapon to win the elections. Right now the elections of the two states are holding great anxiety in our country. While it is evident that TRS Party has more edge in Telangana state than the opposition parties, the real game is beginning in Andhra Pradesh. Along with the ruling party TDP, both JSP and YSRCP are holding their hands tightly on the CM chair.

In this race, the ruling party is very sure about their victory even though they have not kept their promises during the previous elections. On the other hand YSRCP is making full efforts to leave no stone unturned to win the next elections. But what got the main attention of the state people is Janasena Party. The way it has raised in the past 4 to 5 months is unimaginable. More over both TDP and YSRCP belongs to the upper caste community while JSP has an edge with 56 % of Backward Class people.

At this time the peoples leader Pawan Kalyan has come with a concept of unified caste system. We all know he loves India and all the castes are equal for him but what worrying the activists and fans is his strategy towards the caste system. As most of the people show affection towards their own caste it is interesting to see whether it favors JSP or not. What do you say guys ? Does it favor Janasenani ? Dont forget to add comment below.