Inspirational Quotes By Pawan Kalyan

Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018
Inspirational Quotes By Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan can be described as a demigod of Telugu Cinema Industry. Pawan Kalyan craze doesnt have any boundaries for it, they eat, think, and sleep Pawan Kalyan. His style, dialogue delivery, mannerisms, success, and charitable works are key factors of Pawan Kalyan.

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If I do not respond to some situations, my conscience kills me. I believe in permissible violence, not necessarily non-violence.

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Nature, philosophy, and social issues are the three things that always occupy my mind. You do not have any power over others but can change yourself.

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Caste is a delicate issue. Its omnipresent, and we are full of it. We should start to change things from the individual level. But when you go to people and deny caste, they may not react favorably. I think if a decisive percentage of people start marrying out of their caste. We may see casteless India in next generations.

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Societal good comes first for me.

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The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.

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History and social sciences were my interests. I was always interested in knowing how societies get organized, why there is a rich and poor divide, and why there are classes. I was never apolitical. I think we are all political in a way. Politics decides our day-to-day life.

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I never wanted to become an actor. I always wanted to be a farmer and dreamt of owning half an acre of agriculture land.

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I wanted to remain a bachelor from the beginning, but I got married thrice, and I dont know why I did it. I think it is not easy to live with me. Because of my impatience, and busy schedules.

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Life is bigger than cinema. Cinema is just a part of life, so I never take success or failure seriously.

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I feel the superstardom is God-given. I dont know how Pawanism came. I find it strange.

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We cant deny the existence of caste in India. We have to live with it.

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I have been a depressed kid I wanted to lead a quiet life, never wanted to be an actor.

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Politics organizes our lives. We cant disregard it. Politics has a lot of muck, and lot of dirt. But that doesnt mean you have to be away from it. Its global.

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I certainly dont like to play a bad guy. There are no bad people. It is only shades of grey. Also, I am not a great actor who can transform completely into a totally different character for a movie. I am not a trained actor.

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There is a latent talent in everyone. I am nothing extraordinary just because I happen to be an actor. Everybody is extraordinary in his own way. One must identify ones own talent early on -one is not great merely when he gets recognized by others - and one doesnt become anybody just because his talent is not widely known.

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Many of them call me an adventure, and I am the only one with a different sort.

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I dont believe in planning for things. I just want them to fall in place, unfold as they like. I never design things. I want films to choose me. I dont choose films.

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As a public personality, I keep things related to my children and partner to myself. They are private matters.

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For me, directing a film is like confining myself. I want to do something beyond direction. I can conceive stories and write screenplays etc. Thats better for me.

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It is destiny that pushed me towards showbiz. I wanted to start off as a technician, but out of compulsion. I became an actor.