Pawan Kalyan: Nature of Humanity

Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018
Pawan Kalyan: Nature of Humanity

Pawan Kalyan can be described as a demigod of Telugu Cinema Industry. Pawan Kalyan craze doesnt have any boundaries for it, they eat, think, and sleep Pawan Kalyan. His style, dialogue delivery, mannerisms, success, and charitable works are key factors of Pawan Kalyan.

1.Visiting a Cancer Patient

Sreeja was a cancer patient, and she is a big fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Make a Wish Foundation came forward forth a wish made by Sreeja. Pawan Kalyan, went to the hospital to see her and he couldnt control himself while seeing her condition and broke down with tears. He donated some amount for operation expenses. After recovering, Sreeja visited him and Power Star welcomed her with a smile.

2. Donates Substantial

Whenever there are any natural disasters occurs in our states. Actors will come forward to donate an amount to the relief fund. But, no one matches with Pawan Kalyan because his donations are quite high. Earlier, Pawan Kalyan donated Rs. 50 lakhs for Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s relief fund for taking up relief operations in the result of hudhud cyclone. He is the first hero who donated huge amount in Telugu Film Industry.

3. Pawan Kalyan Provides Assistance to Character Artist Shyamala

Shyamala is a character artist in Telugu Cinema Industry. She acted in several films, and Pawan Kalyans Suswagatham is one of them. Shyamala approached Pawan Kalyan for financial help, he responded immediately and deposited Rs. 1 lakh as she is suffering from fatal illness. She was impressed with Pawan Kalyans humanity and praises him to skies for his generosity until today.

4. Pawan Kalyan Helps an Old Age Home

Pawan Kalyan rescued an old age home from financial burdens. When Lakshmi, a resident from Khammam tried to approach Pawan Kalyan to discuss about the problem. She came to Hyderabad and went to Pawan Kalyans house. Pawan Kalyan watched her near the gate, he invited her into his house and arranged lunch. After listening to her woes, He donated Rs. 1 lakh and asked her to approach him, whenever she required help.

5. Fulfilled a Shooter’s Dream

Sports in India are growing. Due to lack of financial resources and discouragement, athletes give up their dreams. But, Pawan Kalyan helped a shooter who was about to give up his dream due to insufficient funds. In 2012, Pawan Kalyan donated Rs. 500,000 for supporting Olympic sports shooter Rekha Chalichemala. A lot of people don’t know about Rekha Chalichemala.

6. Book Reprinted

Adhunika Mahabharatam a well-noted book, and famous for political literature. Pawan Kalyan was a huge fan of Adhunika Mahabharatam, and he decided to honor the authors efforts by reprinting the book. He donates funds for reprinting the book in name of Satyaki, son of writer Gunturu Seshendra Sarma.

7. Saved a Girl’s Life

Pawan Kalyan helped a girl who was unable to afford money for kidney surgery. Pawan Kalyan personally visited the girls home and gave Rs. 2 lakhs to her, and saved her life.

8. Helped an Cameramans Wife

Pawan Kalyan helped an assistant cameraman Ravi, by giving Rs. 25 lakhs. Ravis wife was suffering from a heart disease. For operation Ravi needs money, so he was not able to pay that much amount. Once again Pawan Kalyan saved a life.

9. Pawan Kalyan Helps a Biker

Pawan Kalyan donates Rs. 5 lakhs to a biker, Gota Satish Kumar. Gota Satish Kumar lost his legs during an accident.

10. Pawan Kalyan gives cash prize to our Common Wealth Hero

Pawan Kalyan gives Rs. 10 lakh cheque to Sri Venkata Rahul Ragala for achieving Gold Medal in Common Wealth Games. Pawan Kalyan announced this news in his Twitter account on April 10th, 2018.