Right symbol for transparent governance

Right symbol for transparent governance

Thursday, 27th Dec 2018

We have an old saying, symbol signifies more than words. The same thing applies for political field as well. People always believe in doing rather than speaking as they got bored with false promises of the politicians. They now opt for the leader or party based up on their ideology. And we can say, nothing speaks better about the ideology more than the symbol.

That is why any political party aims for the right symbol as it ensures fifty percent of the victory in the election battle. This is exactly where Pawan Kalyan led Janasena has scored most. It has got the most convenient symbol, a glass tumbler to fight in 2019 elections.

The glass tumbler can be seen in the hands of many people at every street corner in India. It stands for transparency and equality without any religious and caste barriers. It perfectly resembles the seven ideals of Janasena party. It symbolizes social consciousness without caste, Politics without religious discrimination, Reverence for linguistic diversity, Protection of traditions and culture, Nationalism without neglecting regional aspirations, Relentless fight against corruption and progress that preserves the environment. In addition to that, the symbol also adds great impact to the concept of Caste Unification introduced by Pawan Kalyan.

Moreover the perfect symbol make the political campaigns very easy. People quickly identify the symbol as it can be seen in every house. It became cake walk for on foot campaigners across the state to project the glass tumbler as the symbol of Janasena. Adding to that, social media activists also have made the hash tag #VoteForGlass and successfully spreading it through all the social media platforms. Even though the electronic media is biased against Pawan and not showing any interest in publicizing the symbol, all the Janasainiks have taken the responsibility of it and eventually succeeded to make known to the people.

But all cannot be termed as well when there are so many haters of Janasena Party in the state. Janasainiks should be aware of another symbol, a bucket which exactly looks like glass tumbler. They have to bring awareness among the people in this regard also, if not there is a chance of splitting Janasena votes by the independent contestants who could be a part of the conspiracy made by opposition parties. Earlier Prajarajyam experienced the same thing which lost most of its votes to a road roller, that is very similar to rail engine of PRP. So, all the Janasainiks be alert, and make the glass tumbler as the only voting symbol for all the people !

Media Conspiracy to defame Janasena

Media Conspiracy to defame Janasena

Wednesday, 19th Dec 2018

Media has to stand like a barrier between good and bad to educate the common people. It should empower the people and enhance the values of Democracy. This is the reason why great journalists think media as a watch dog of democracy. But now the time has changed and the same media has become lap dog to the corrupted leaders. Especially in Andhra Pradesh where the media owners sold their ethics to the political leaders for the sake of money.

Earlier corrupted leaders used to suppress the media which stood on good side, but now the same media is taking the side of corrupted leaders and pouring mud on good leaders. It is the entry of Janasena into state politics that made the people to realize the true colors of present media in the state. By this time they have known on which side and whose instructions the media is working. In an angry voice, they are questioning the media that how could they project good if they are biased towards ruling and opponent parties ?

Pawans visit to Dallas for Pravas Garjana stood an example for their anger. Thousands of people are gathered in support of Pawan who raised his voice on the issues like H1B visa and Immigration of NRI people. As a citizen and representative of India, Pawan has taken his opinion to the American senators and asked for a solution. He did not go there for his movie promotion, he did not go there for asking them to make a movie with him. He just stood beside our Indians and this so called Andhra media has mislead his speech on BhagathSingh and trolled him on social media. What kind of Journalism is this ? asking a common man.

When the depraved leaders from the ruling party like Chintamaneni Prabhakar scolded and beaten the woman government servant Vanajakshi, why this media havent spoken a single word ? When the TDP Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna had sung Sare jahan se acha Hinsutan hamara patriotic song in a disgraceful manner, where did this media has gone ? This shows the complete biased nature and ethical downfall of Andhra media.

But the so called media dont know that present people are not innocent to believe everything they project. They should think that it is not easy to fool the people when the power of social media has grown and the world came into our hands. By now they have fallen short of ratings for slinging mud on Pawan Kalyan and yet they havent learned from their mistakes. It shows their hatred towards Pawan Kalyan and the fear of Janasena getting into power in the coming elections. Still If this attitude continues, then they have to sell their mikes and cameras in second hand and search for a new business.

Can Janasena make it happen in 2019 ?

Can Janasena make it happen in 2019 ?

Wednesday, 12th Dec 2018

Even though Telangana and Andhra people are separated regionally they are one and the same cognitively. Anything related to both the states show great impact on each other. Recent poll results of Telangana proves the statement right. As expected by everyone KCR reformed the government in Telangana and shifted the focus to 2019 elections. Now the curiosity levels about the new chief minister in Andhra Pradesh has increased in the minds of Telugu people.

Facing lot of criticism with his irresponsible rule in Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu miserably failed with his Mahakutami in Telangana also. From the political analysts perspective, he is definitely out of the competition in the coming elections of Andhra Pradesh. According to them, the real challenge is in between Pawan Kalyan of Janasena and Jagan Mohan Reddy of YCP. Going to their clean political image most of the people are expecting Pawan Kalyan to enthrone the CM chair. Even maximum Telangana people have the same opinion and asking, can Janasena make it happen in 2019 ?

Well of course, there is a great chance, says an analyst. As there is only three to four months time left for the elections, the ruling party TDP has lesser chances of regaining the power. On the other hand, last time opponent YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is making severe efforts not to miss this time. He is already touring all over the state to attract the voters. But what he lack is, sincerity in his appeal. Every time people expect him to question about their sufferings, he asks for power to do it. This has brought dissatisfaction among the people, who believe that Pawan Kalyan is far better than YS Jagan as an opposition leader.

Moreover Jagan has some scams and illegal businesses for which he needs the power to safeguard himself. In contrast to this, Pawan Kalyan is coming with clean image with the only agenda of serving the people. His commitment to the peoples welfare and his dedication for the better society is seen everywhere throughout his Praja Porata Yatra. Except his personal image of three marriages which people dont care, Pawan dont have any loop holes to point out his political image. That is why YCP leaders are now targeting Pawan only with the personal abuse.

On the other side it is believed that caste plays vital role in regional politics. According to observers Pawan has little edge in this regard also when compared to Jagan Mohan Reddy. Indeed Pawan has huge fan following in both the states irrespective of the caste. He has the potentiality to guide the people with his ideologies. Hence it is not a hard task for Pawan to make it possible in the coming elections.

On to flip side, the main concern for all the people would be his cadre build up. Until now there is not a single leader in Janasena Party who could counter attack on the opposition parties and support Pawan Kalyan. This is where Pawan has to work out seriously. On to ground level work, Pawan has just now focusing on it and the remaining three months is crucial to reach every corner village of the state. Apart from youth and same community people, Pawan has to get the support of common people who see a leader in terms of experience. If he passes the above hurdles, it would be a cake walk for him to raise as the new chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Lets hope it will happen !

Jana Tarangam the wave of new era

Jana Tarangam the wave of new era

Thursday, 6th Dec 2018

When the politics get demoralized and the society is corrupted, a revolution will rise like a wave. It will eradicate the tree of corruption along with the roots that has been grounded from generations. Right now in AP state, corruption is everywhere and depravity is found in every politician. At this situation, to establish social justice and equality, Janasena party has stormed in to the state like a wave of people, sending off the traditional politics and paving for a new era.

Showing the true meaning of leader, that is a slave to the people, Pawan is reaching everywhere for the people in need. His thirst to help the poor has led to the formation of Jana Tarangam program. A program designed for educating the people about the manifesto and turning them into members of the party. Even though it is initiated to strengthen the party, the main motive behind it is to explore the issues of common people. In addition to that, all the Janasainiks would be in enthusiastic feel to reach the people and be a part of the new age politics.

At a time when the states top media has become lucrative to TDP and abandoned Pawan Kalyan, he himself became a journalist and showed morality of journalism educating that social media is not about entertainment but for a cause. Explaining about his manifesto on one side, Pawan is coming to live on his Face book everyday to know more about peoples issues. For this reason people of Andhra are calling him as the gem of true leadership.

Generally the politicians used to come to people only at the time of elections and used to be in AC rooms after that period, leaving the issues aside. Hence, by now the people of Andhra have understood the real difference between the peoples leader and a politician. When the media of ruling and opposition parties have suppressed their voice, in the name of Pawan they have found a new voice to express their issues.

On one side you have a ruling leader who is making lot of money using peoples wealth and on the other side you have opposition leader safeguarding his illegal wealth. At this juncture, all the people of Andhra have found Pawan as the only alternative. Keeping their belief, all the Janasainiks have been working vigorously to bring awareness among the people and destroy the tree of corruption with the help of Jana Tarangam, the wave of people.

Pawan the lone warrior

Pawan the lone warrior

Friday, 23rd Nov 2018

Countless miles of journey starts with only one step, The history belonging to innumerable people is written by only one person, where ever I go, I be like people and I will be in the people, this is the dialogue uttered by Pawan Kalyan in a movie. Whether it is on screen or off screen, he has the same image with great concern about the welfare of the people. Carrying this image in the political field as well, Pawan promised to fight for the people even if he dont have any back support. Also the entire media of Andhra Pradesh have been trying to provoke him in many manners, he is keeping his cool and became the alternative hope for all the people in the state.

His calmness has made him to a real and complete politician, because of which the so called media is beginning to fear. They are finding Pawan as the real threat to the political party, which is the back bone of their financial support. If we have to say in the same words of Jalsa Pawan, he has given tones of fear to everyone in the corrupt rule. All his fans and supporters could not forget the way he exposed the issues of the state, that has not only shown his dedication towards the peoples welfare but also educated the said media about the unbiased journalism. Pawan fans have said to be thanking the so called media, because their respect towards Pawan has now reached to sky limits and formed in to great admiration.

His fight against the TDP rowdy rulers, Uddanam issue, Vanthada illegal mining and most importantly the withdrawal of support to BJP for not giving special status has made him the ideal leader in the hearts of AP people. After doing this much of service, Pawan not even shown an ounce of pride and still walking tall with lot of commitment like a restless warrior.

As a part of making a brighter society, Pawan now extended his well being thoughts to national level as well. Recently he has visited Chennai and introduced his ideologies saying that it is the time to wake up for all southern political parties to fight against the arrogant Northern rule. At the time when most of the regional parties are not showing any guts to oppose the central government, Pawan alone raised his voice against the biased rule of the central government stating that all are equal.

Being a leader is not a pride thing, but being a lovable leader is certainly a good thing, this exactly suits for Pawan. Over the past four years from 2014, we can clearly say that there is no other leader than Pawan Kalyan to sincerely raise his voice for the fortune of the people. If we have to say in the words of Bala Gangadhar Tilak, his house is far away and it is full of darkness, the way is abnormal with no lamp in his hand, the only thing he has is full of confidence in the heart. Like a ray of the sun to eradicate the darkness of injustice, Pawan is marching alone like a warrior.

Why so much delay for JSP symbol ?

Why so much delay for JSP symbol ?

Wednesday, 21st Nov 2018

For any political party, symbol plays a crucial role to get maximum attention from the people during elections. If there is uncertainty in a partys symbol, definitely it will affect the final result of the poll. At the time of Prajarajyam the same thing has happened where most of the people confused over train symbol and road roller. That is why, the ambitious people of Andhra Pradesh are becoming more cautious regarding the symbol of Janasena so that the debacle could not happen once again.

Even though India is emerging as a well developed country most of the people in the country are still illiterates. Hence it has become a herculean task for many political parties to educate the people about their symbol. Considering the countless independent candidates and number of new born parties it also became headache for the election commission to distribute the hundred plus unshared symbols to all of them. If at all Janasena could not able to get the symbol as early as possible, it has to contest all the 175 seats in AP with different symbols, which is very difficult even to imagine.

After eight plus months of delay the election commission has approved Janasena party and granted recognition to contest in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh elections. Now it is four years since Janasena got its recognition and yet it has no reserved symbol. People are wondering if at all Pawan has to contest in the Telangana elections by now, what could be the situation without a common symbol. Some of the critics have an opinion that both the state government and the central government are making use of this situation to suppress the voting percentage for Janasena.

Moreover there are several hundreds of state and national parties to be recognized and Janasena is one of them. As there is only few months left for the general elections, the supporters of Janasena are worrying what symbol does the election commission will provide to forward it to all section of people, that to in a limited period of time.

At the same time Pawan Kalyan is aiming for the symbol of fist as it could be very easy for the people to get connected. It is the symbol of revolt and already Pawan has been carrying it throughout his Praja Porata Yatra. According to election commission rules, the party would get the desired symbol only if it is not shared with any other parties. Considering the reports from the political circles, the fist symbol is free and it is in the hands of election commission to grant as soon as possible. Lets hope it does in quick time.

Why TDP Targeting Only Pawan ?

Why TDP Targeting Only Pawan ?

Saturday, 17th Nov 2018

There is a proverb in both Telugu speaking states that a tree of abundant fruits usually have lot of stone beatings. The selfless tree will eradicate the hunger of helpless people, but the more appetency of the people make the tree to suffer with the wounds of many stones. In the same way the people with much commitment and righteousness are equal to those trees, where their ideals make the society a better place. It has become a common practice for the selfish people to degrade the fame of sincere politicians while earning lot of money with perversion. Right now the pervert TDP leaders are doing the same thing against the symbol of sincerity, Pawan Kalyan.

Long ago the seed planted by Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao has grown in to a great tree and stood as an ideal inspiration for many politicians. But in recent times, under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu, it is giving shelter to so many corrupt politicians. On realizing this, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has withdrawn his support from TDP and exposed the injustice and corrupt nature of the party to the people. The TDP leaders couldnt able to digest this nature of Pawan and started criticizing him. Certainly their confidence levels for the upcoming elections are lowered when a leader like Pawan has withdrawn his support.

One more thing worrying the TDP leaders is the caste of Pawan Kalyan. Although Pawan has said that he does not belong to any caste and unification of castes is his only motto, Political analyzers are opinionating that the particular section of people will definitely support Pawan. Even for this, the previous leaders have to be blamed as there is so much discrimination towards that particular caste people in terms of assembly seats and other individual allocations. As a result TDP has felt that they are definitely going to miss this section of votes in the upcoming elections just because of Pawan.

The above statement proves right if we take 2009 elections, where Chandrababu has lost the power due to the split in vote bank by Prajarajyam Party. At present people have tired seeing many corrupt politicians and hoping to find at least one sincere and dedicated leader. At this juncture, Pawan Kalyan gave a ray of hope for them. Since TDP leaders are finding no fault in Pawan, they adopted some yellow media to project Pawan in a negative way by using his personal life. This is the true nature of the opportunists, who throw stones at the tree after it fulfills their hunger.

Is it confusion or strategy ?

Is it confusion or strategy ?

Saturday, 10th Nov 2018

There are only five months left for the general elections of Andhra Pradesh and everyone is very eager to know the end results as there are three main parties fighting for the chair. Probably it is the first time in the history of Telugu speaking states, that the three parties are contesting with equal importance. From the common mans perspective it is not an exaggeration to say that Janasena is evolving as the new force to win the battle of 2019 elections.

After floating the party on March 14th, 2014 Pawan supported TDP thinking that the experience of Chandrababu will lead the state to a better future. But the situation has changed completely and the excellency of Chandrababu became no use in front of his corrupt rule. As a result Pawan himself promoted to know the issues of common people and without any single seat, he is able to expose major issues like Uddanam kidney problem, sufferings of Title victims, Vanthada mining issue and the problems of SEZ sufferers.

With sincerity and dedication towards the people, Pawan Kalyan has emerged as the only alternative to the people of Andhra Pradesh outshining the ruling leader and the opposition leader. Right now he is campaigning to promote himself as the better leader for the state, which has been well accepted by the people so far. But the real question revolving in the minds of everyone is, Where will Pawan contest in 2019 ?

Pawan already confirmed that his party will compete in all the 175 constituencies without any alliance. But he did not disclose the place of his interest clearly. At the time of his first Andhra tour in January, Pawan has said that he is going to contest from Ananthapur. Besides that the party cadre has suggested him to consider Avanigadda of Krishna district, as it would be safe bet for him to clean sweep with great majority. According to some media sources Pawan is also eyeing for Tirupathi constituency, which is said to be ideal for a man like him to rule the state.

Recently in his tour at Thuni and Pithapuram, Pawan expressed his wish to contest at both these places also. Many are wondering that how could one person contest in many constituencies. But the party members cleared that, it is his political strategy to keep away oppositions thinking of his contesting place. When the elections come nearer, Pawan along with his selection committee will decide which place would be ideal for him to win and lead the state. So, lets wait and see which place is going to spread the red carpet for the peoples leader to lead the state to a better future.

Courage is the Prime Quality of Pawan

Courage is the Prime Quality of Pawan

Saturday, 3rd Nov 2018

Every politician wants to become a leader but only few of them succeed and remain in the hearts of people. To become an eternal leader, a person requires some exceptional leadership qualities. He should know which way leads to development, he should have faith to walk along the path and finally he should lead the people along the path. In this process he may have to face so much difficulties with utmost courage.

This is the reason why the personality development specialists say that courage is the prime quality for any leader. Looking at the present trend politicians in Andhra Pradesh we can say, only Janasena supremo Pawan Kalyan has this ability. His oppositional quality regarding the merging of Prajarajyam and the inappropriate bifurcation of the state by congress, shows the true courageous nature of the dynamic leader.

Most of the master mind politicians suggest to have favorable friends in politics. If at all any party gets the support of a party like BJP, the party will obey to it irrespective of the situation. But Pawan Kalyan is not like that, he questioned the oath breaking nature of BJP about special status and immediately withdrawn his support stating peoples welfare is his main motto. On the other hand the ruling party leader Chandrababu Naidu has simply obeyed the package given by the central government, not showing enough courage to stand beside his people.

Moreover any political party requires media support to get mileage in the society. At the time when some government officials with evil force tried to molest his character, he ordered his fans and supporters to boycott the media knowing that he would not get proper coverage with this step. Later with the help of a small channel he exposed the issues of Titli victims like a real journalist, which the big media houses couldnt able to do. This incident has certainly raised the belief levels about him in the hearts of Andhra people and stood as one more example about his dedication towards the people.

Right from the late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, so many politicians have placed their names in the history because of their courageous acts. Looking at the present politics of AP, many has an opinion that Pawan Kalyan is the only politician to reach that levels. Because sincerity is his armor, belief is his weapon and courage is his prime quality.