Why TDP Targeting Only Pawan ?

Saturday, 17th Nov 2018
Why TDP Targeting Only Pawan ?

There is a proverb in both Telugu speaking states that a tree of abundant fruits usually have lot of stone beatings. The selfless tree will eradicate the hunger of helpless people, but the more appetency of the people make the tree to suffer with the wounds of many stones. In the same way the people with much commitment and righteousness are equal to those trees, where their ideals make the society a better place. It has become a common practice for the selfish people to degrade the fame of sincere politicians while earning lot of money with perversion. Right now the pervert TDP leaders are doing the same thing against the symbol of sincerity, Pawan Kalyan.

Long ago the seed planted by Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao has grown in to a great tree and stood as an ideal inspiration for many politicians. But in recent times, under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu, it is giving shelter to so many corrupt politicians. On realizing this, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has withdrawn his support from TDP and exposed the injustice and corrupt nature of the party to the people. The TDP leaders couldnt able to digest this nature of Pawan and started criticizing him. Certainly their confidence levels for the upcoming elections are lowered when a leader like Pawan has withdrawn his support.

One more thing worrying the TDP leaders is the caste of Pawan Kalyan. Although Pawan has said that he does not belong to any caste and unification of castes is his only motto, Political analyzers are opinionating that the particular section of people will definitely support Pawan. Even for this, the previous leaders have to be blamed as there is so much discrimination towards that particular caste people in terms of assembly seats and other individual allocations. As a result TDP has felt that they are definitely going to miss this section of votes in the upcoming elections just because of Pawan.

The above statement proves right if we take 2009 elections, where Chandrababu has lost the power due to the split in vote bank by Prajarajyam Party. At present people have tired seeing many corrupt politicians and hoping to find at least one sincere and dedicated leader. At this juncture, Pawan Kalyan gave a ray of hope for them. Since TDP leaders are finding no fault in Pawan, they adopted some yellow media to project Pawan in a negative way by using his personal life. This is the true nature of the opportunists, who throw stones at the tree after it fulfills their hunger.