Is it confusion or strategy ?

Saturday, 10th Nov 2018
Is it confusion or strategy ?

There are only five months left for the general elections of Andhra Pradesh and everyone is very eager to know the end results as there are three main parties fighting for the chair. Probably it is the first time in the history of Telugu speaking states, that the three parties are contesting with equal importance. From the common mans perspective it is not an exaggeration to say that Janasena is evolving as the new force to win the battle of 2019 elections.

After floating the party on March 14th, 2014 Pawan supported TDP thinking that the experience of Chandrababu will lead the state to a better future. But the situation has changed completely and the excellency of Chandrababu became no use in front of his corrupt rule. As a result Pawan himself promoted to know the issues of common people and without any single seat, he is able to expose major issues like Uddanam kidney problem, sufferings of Title victims, Vanthada mining issue and the problems of SEZ sufferers.

With sincerity and dedication towards the people, Pawan Kalyan has emerged as the only alternative to the people of Andhra Pradesh outshining the ruling leader and the opposition leader. Right now he is campaigning to promote himself as the better leader for the state, which has been well accepted by the people so far. But the real question revolving in the minds of everyone is, Where will Pawan contest in 2019 ?

Pawan already confirmed that his party will compete in all the 175 constituencies without any alliance. But he did not disclose the place of his interest clearly. At the time of his first Andhra tour in January, Pawan has said that he is going to contest from Ananthapur. Besides that the party cadre has suggested him to consider Avanigadda of Krishna district, as it would be safe bet for him to clean sweep with great majority. According to some media sources Pawan is also eyeing for Tirupathi constituency, which is said to be ideal for a man like him to rule the state.

Recently in his tour at Thuni and Pithapuram, Pawan expressed his wish to contest at both these places also. Many are wondering that how could one person contest in many constituencies. But the party members cleared that, it is his political strategy to keep away oppositions thinking of his contesting place. When the elections come nearer, Pawan along with his selection committee will decide which place would be ideal for him to win and lead the state. So, lets wait and see which place is going to spread the red carpet for the peoples leader to lead the state to a better future.