Courage is the Prime Quality of Pawan

Saturday, 3rd Nov 2018
Courage is the Prime Quality of Pawan

Every politician wants to become a leader but only few of them succeed and remain in the hearts of people. To become an eternal leader, a person requires some exceptional leadership qualities. He should know which way leads to development, he should have faith to walk along the path and finally he should lead the people along the path. In this process he may have to face so much difficulties with utmost courage.

This is the reason why the personality development specialists say that courage is the prime quality for any leader. Looking at the present trend politicians in Andhra Pradesh we can say, only Janasena supremo Pawan Kalyan has this ability. His oppositional quality regarding the merging of Prajarajyam and the inappropriate bifurcation of the state by congress, shows the true courageous nature of the dynamic leader.

Most of the master mind politicians suggest to have favorable friends in politics. If at all any party gets the support of a party like BJP, the party will obey to it irrespective of the situation. But Pawan Kalyan is not like that, he questioned the oath breaking nature of BJP about special status and immediately withdrawn his support stating peoples welfare is his main motto. On the other hand the ruling party leader Chandrababu Naidu has simply obeyed the package given by the central government, not showing enough courage to stand beside his people.

Moreover any political party requires media support to get mileage in the society. At the time when some government officials with evil force tried to molest his character, he ordered his fans and supporters to boycott the media knowing that he would not get proper coverage with this step. Later with the help of a small channel he exposed the issues of Titli victims like a real journalist, which the big media houses couldnt able to do. This incident has certainly raised the belief levels about him in the hearts of Andhra people and stood as one more example about his dedication towards the people.

Right from the late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, so many politicians have placed their names in the history because of their courageous acts. Looking at the present politics of AP, many has an opinion that Pawan Kalyan is the only politician to reach that levels. Because sincerity is his armor, belief is his weapon and courage is his prime quality.