Pawan Lessons From Parade

Monday, 29th Oct 2018
Pawan Lessons From Parade

A complete leader always try to learn. While embossing and studying about himself, he yearn for the development of people. In this process if he think about previous wins and gets ego, then he completely falls down from what he had achieved. If the victory brings him the generosity, definitely he will make the people to walk on the paths of development. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan knows all these things, that is why he has become the peoples leader even before the elections.

Maintaining coordination with all the people and making them to walk for better future is the primary quality of a complete leader. Pawan has gained this experience all these years. Hence he ordered all his Janasainiks not to feel too much proud about the parade and dont get overconfidence about the success. We all know that the parade which has taken place on 15th of this month has not only raised the confidence levels of all the Janasainiks, but also it brought the insecurity feeling in the opposition minds about their victory.

At this juncture, Pawan felt that, any wrong step either from himself or from his activists can bring down the hopes of common people about their bright future. Showing the recent article about the parade in Andhra Prabha daily as an example, he said the same thing to all his supporters. The response of the parade shows that, people of Andhra deliberately wanting for new age politics and all the activists should behave more responsibly now.

Moreover, people has the opinion that Janasena has come to bring the change in present society. The responsibility of fulfilling their ambitions will be on their shoulders. Keeping in mind about this, Janasena explained to the activists that he has come to politics well prepared for everything. The Parade is just a beginning and everyone should be more accountable towards people.

There is no doubt about the people who have changed the government listening to him in previous elections, will follow his words bit to bit forever. By now Janasena has completely got the assurance of so many people through Janabata program and the only remainder left is its great victory in the coming elections. So lets hope that will happen and the state will walk on the roads of better future.