JSP Alliance With BSP in Telangana ?

Thursday, 25th Oct 2018
JSP Alliance With BSP in Telangana ?

All of a sudden a hot news is circulating in political circles when Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has met BSP leader Mayavathi. The news is that, JSP will form an alliance with the third most voted party of India, Bahujan Samaj Party in the coming Telangana elections. Mayavathi has already announced 119 candidates for the next Telangana elections under the leadership of MP Vir Singh. Earlier in 2014, BSP has surprised everyone by winning 2 seats in Telangana when TRS is at full swing.

At this juncture, the meet with Pawan Kalyan certainly raised curiosity in the minds of political members. Couple of months ago Pawan Kalyan cleared the doubts saying that he would support a party in Telangana even if his party does not participate in the elections. Moreover Mayavathi has become one of the key members to contest for the PM seat in 2019 elections. For this, the dynamic lady is trying to make alliance with the regional parties and might have thought JSP would benefit BSP in both Telugu speaking states.

On the other side Pawan is showing great impact on AP people and has come up with a new strategy saying unification of castes. Till now all the political parties have restricted themselves to their own caste for maintaining proper vote banks. This has led to dissatisfaction among other castes and provoked them to look for alternate option. Certainly with the concept of unification of castes, JSP has became their only option now. Besides this, BSP is a party with SC, ST, OBC and other religious minorities like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists. Hence we can surely say that BSP might have found the right alliance with JSP.

One more reason for this alliance could be the dishonesty of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the special category status. While the congress made injustice to AP with improper division, BJP has cheated with the appetence of special status. This has angered the peoples leader and he might have thought that this is the right time to checkmate both the traditional parties and elect a new dynamic leader like Mayavathi.

Then, what could be the strategy that Janasenani adopts in Telangana ? We all know he made a friendly gesture by praising KCR government couple of times. How could he choose BSP instead of TRS ? is the common question circulating in the minds of everyone in Telangana. Also will he participate in the campaign of BSP that is going to kick start this week ? Lets see what the time will say about these questions in future ?