It is mother of all shows

Wednesday, 24th Oct 2018
It is mother of all shows

At present everyone believes that there are no moral and ethical values for media. The way they conduct debates on silly things and project the murder stories without any concern for children is ridiculous. Just TRP ratings have become the main concern and they will go to any extent for the ratings. Usually to get more fame in this TRP competition, media deliberately targets film stars and politicians. Especially for Andhra media, actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has become the main target to achieve highest ratings.

Every one remembered how the yellow media projected Pawan Kalyan negatively in unrelated matters. Whether it is the issue of Srireddy or Kathi Mahesh, he is unnecessarily shown in a wrong way. Although some political parties have backed these type of programs to defame Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena party, these programs have irked all the common people so much that they have lost faith completely on the media.

Even Pawan Kalyan, who doesnt give away his temper for unrelated issues, has lost his cool and announced indirect war on the yellow media when unnecessarily his mothers name is dragged in to the issue. He had asked all his fans and supporters to boycott the media which supported these base less programs. As a result, the trp ratings of the particular media have said to be dropped drastically. This incident not only shows the fan base of Pawan but also it proves how the people are distressed with the present trend of media.

Annoyed by its irritating nature, through his twitter account, Pawan made an oath to show the mother of all shows to the media. It is unfair to say that Titli cyclone has laid path to it, but certainly it brought the real human nature of Pawan. He may not have done it deliberately but he showed how a responsible media person should be.

When the ruling government washed its hands saying that everything is fine in Srikakulam district, Pawan with the help of his team toured all the affected areas of the district. With no power from the past two weeks, Janasenani exposed the real facts of the victims through his twitter handle by shooting with his own Smartphone. In other words, he became journalist and uncovered the sufferings of common people to the world. It is certainly the mother of all shows, that gave a slapping retort to the entire media, isnt it ?