Media Conspiracy to defame Janasena

Wednesday, 19th Dec 2018
Media Conspiracy to defame Janasena

Media has to stand like a barrier between good and bad to educate the common people. It should empower the people and enhance the values of Democracy. This is the reason why great journalists think media as a watch dog of democracy. But now the time has changed and the same media has become lap dog to the corrupted leaders. Especially in Andhra Pradesh where the media owners sold their ethics to the political leaders for the sake of money.

Earlier corrupted leaders used to suppress the media which stood on good side, but now the same media is taking the side of corrupted leaders and pouring mud on good leaders. It is the entry of Janasena into state politics that made the people to realize the true colors of present media in the state. By this time they have known on which side and whose instructions the media is working. In an angry voice, they are questioning the media that how could they project good if they are biased towards ruling and opponent parties ?

Pawans visit to Dallas for Pravas Garjana stood an example for their anger. Thousands of people are gathered in support of Pawan who raised his voice on the issues like H1B visa and Immigration of NRI people. As a citizen and representative of India, Pawan has taken his opinion to the American senators and asked for a solution. He did not go there for his movie promotion, he did not go there for asking them to make a movie with him. He just stood beside our Indians and this so called Andhra media has mislead his speech on BhagathSingh and trolled him on social media. What kind of Journalism is this ? asking a common man.

When the depraved leaders from the ruling party like Chintamaneni Prabhakar scolded and beaten the woman government servant Vanajakshi, why this media havent spoken a single word ? When the TDP Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna had sung Sare jahan se acha Hinsutan hamara patriotic song in a disgraceful manner, where did this media has gone ? This shows the complete biased nature and ethical downfall of Andhra media.

But the so called media dont know that present people are not innocent to believe everything they project. They should think that it is not easy to fool the people when the power of social media has grown and the world came into our hands. By now they have fallen short of ratings for slinging mud on Pawan Kalyan and yet they havent learned from their mistakes. It shows their hatred towards Pawan Kalyan and the fear of Janasena getting into power in the coming elections. Still If this attitude continues, then they have to sell their mikes and cameras in second hand and search for a new business.