Why so much delay for JSP symbol ?

Wednesday, 21st Nov 2018
Why so much delay for JSP symbol ?

For any political party, symbol plays a crucial role to get maximum attention from the people during elections. If there is uncertainty in a partys symbol, definitely it will affect the final result of the poll. At the time of Prajarajyam the same thing has happened where most of the people confused over train symbol and road roller. That is why, the ambitious people of Andhra Pradesh are becoming more cautious regarding the symbol of Janasena so that the debacle could not happen once again.

Even though India is emerging as a well developed country most of the people in the country are still illiterates. Hence it has become a herculean task for many political parties to educate the people about their symbol. Considering the countless independent candidates and number of new born parties it also became headache for the election commission to distribute the hundred plus unshared symbols to all of them. If at all Janasena could not able to get the symbol as early as possible, it has to contest all the 175 seats in AP with different symbols, which is very difficult even to imagine.

After eight plus months of delay the election commission has approved Janasena party and granted recognition to contest in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh elections. Now it is four years since Janasena got its recognition and yet it has no reserved symbol. People are wondering if at all Pawan has to contest in the Telangana elections by now, what could be the situation without a common symbol. Some of the critics have an opinion that both the state government and the central government are making use of this situation to suppress the voting percentage for Janasena.

Moreover there are several hundreds of state and national parties to be recognized and Janasena is one of them. As there is only few months left for the general elections, the supporters of Janasena are worrying what symbol does the election commission will provide to forward it to all section of people, that to in a limited period of time.

At the same time Pawan Kalyan is aiming for the symbol of fist as it could be very easy for the people to get connected. It is the symbol of revolt and already Pawan has been carrying it throughout his Praja Porata Yatra. According to election commission rules, the party would get the desired symbol only if it is not shared with any other parties. Considering the reports from the political circles, the fist symbol is free and it is in the hands of election commission to grant as soon as possible. Lets hope it does in quick time.