Is it confusion or strategy ?

Is it confusion or strategy ?

Saturday, 10th Nov 2018

There are only five months left for the general elections of Andhra Pradesh and everyone is very eager to know the end results as there are three main parties fighting for the chair. Probably it is the first time in the history of Telugu speaking states, that the three parties are contesting with equal importance. From the common mans perspective it is not an exaggeration to say that Janasena is evolving as the new force to win the battle of 2019 elections.

After floating the party on March 14th, 2014 Pawan supported TDP thinking that the experience of Chandrababu will lead the state to a better future. But the situation has changed completely and the excellency of Chandrababu became no use in front of his corrupt rule. As a result Pawan himself promoted to know the issues of common people and without any single seat, he is able to expose major issues like Uddanam kidney problem, sufferings of Title victims, Vanthada mining issue and the problems of SEZ sufferers.

With sincerity and dedication towards the people, Pawan Kalyan has emerged as the only alternative to the people of Andhra Pradesh outshining the ruling leader and the opposition leader. Right now he is campaigning to promote himself as the better leader for the state, which has been well accepted by the people so far. But the real question revolving in the minds of everyone is, Where will Pawan contest in 2019 ?

Pawan already confirmed that his party will compete in all the 175 constituencies without any alliance. But he did not disclose the place of his interest clearly. At the time of his first Andhra tour in January, Pawan has said that he is going to contest from Ananthapur. Besides that the party cadre has suggested him to consider Avanigadda of Krishna district, as it would be safe bet for him to clean sweep with great majority. According to some media sources Pawan is also eyeing for Tirupathi constituency, which is said to be ideal for a man like him to rule the state.

Recently in his tour at Thuni and Pithapuram, Pawan expressed his wish to contest at both these places also. Many are wondering that how could one person contest in many constituencies. But the party members cleared that, it is his political strategy to keep away oppositions thinking of his contesting place. When the elections come nearer, Pawan along with his selection committee will decide which place would be ideal for him to win and lead the state. So, lets wait and see which place is going to spread the red carpet for the peoples leader to lead the state to a better future.

Courage is the Prime Quality of Pawan

Courage is the Prime Quality of Pawan

Saturday, 3rd Nov 2018

Every politician wants to become a leader but only few of them succeed and remain in the hearts of people. To become an eternal leader, a person requires some exceptional leadership qualities. He should know which way leads to development, he should have faith to walk along the path and finally he should lead the people along the path. In this process he may have to face so much difficulties with utmost courage.

This is the reason why the personality development specialists say that courage is the prime quality for any leader. Looking at the present trend politicians in Andhra Pradesh we can say, only Janasena supremo Pawan Kalyan has this ability. His oppositional quality regarding the merging of Prajarajyam and the inappropriate bifurcation of the state by congress, shows the true courageous nature of the dynamic leader.

Most of the master mind politicians suggest to have favorable friends in politics. If at all any party gets the support of a party like BJP, the party will obey to it irrespective of the situation. But Pawan Kalyan is not like that, he questioned the oath breaking nature of BJP about special status and immediately withdrawn his support stating peoples welfare is his main motto. On the other hand the ruling party leader Chandrababu Naidu has simply obeyed the package given by the central government, not showing enough courage to stand beside his people.

Moreover any political party requires media support to get mileage in the society. At the time when some government officials with evil force tried to molest his character, he ordered his fans and supporters to boycott the media knowing that he would not get proper coverage with this step. Later with the help of a small channel he exposed the issues of Titli victims like a real journalist, which the big media houses couldnt able to do. This incident has certainly raised the belief levels about him in the hearts of Andhra people and stood as one more example about his dedication towards the people.

Right from the late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, so many politicians have placed their names in the history because of their courageous acts. Looking at the present politics of AP, many has an opinion that Pawan Kalyan is the only politician to reach that levels. Because sincerity is his armor, belief is his weapon and courage is his prime quality.

Pawan Lessons From Parade

Pawan Lessons From Parade

Monday, 29th Oct 2018

A complete leader always try to learn. While embossing and studying about himself, he yearn for the development of people. In this process if he think about previous wins and gets ego, then he completely falls down from what he had achieved. If the victory brings him the generosity, definitely he will make the people to walk on the paths of development. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan knows all these things, that is why he has become the peoples leader even before the elections.

Maintaining coordination with all the people and making them to walk for better future is the primary quality of a complete leader. Pawan has gained this experience all these years. Hence he ordered all his Janasainiks not to feel too much proud about the parade and dont get overconfidence about the success. We all know that the parade which has taken place on 15th of this month has not only raised the confidence levels of all the Janasainiks, but also it brought the insecurity feeling in the opposition minds about their victory.

At this juncture, Pawan felt that, any wrong step either from himself or from his activists can bring down the hopes of common people about their bright future. Showing the recent article about the parade in Andhra Prabha daily as an example, he said the same thing to all his supporters. The response of the parade shows that, people of Andhra deliberately wanting for new age politics and all the activists should behave more responsibly now.

Moreover, people has the opinion that Janasena has come to bring the change in present society. The responsibility of fulfilling their ambitions will be on their shoulders. Keeping in mind about this, Janasena explained to the activists that he has come to politics well prepared for everything. The Parade is just a beginning and everyone should be more accountable towards people.

There is no doubt about the people who have changed the government listening to him in previous elections, will follow his words bit to bit forever. By now Janasena has completely got the assurance of so many people through Janabata program and the only remainder left is its great victory in the coming elections. So lets hope that will happen and the state will walk on the roads of better future.

JSP Alliance With BSP in Telangana ?

JSP Alliance With BSP in Telangana ?

Thursday, 25th Oct 2018

All of a sudden a hot news is circulating in political circles when Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has met BSP leader Mayavathi. The news is that, JSP will form an alliance with the third most voted party of India, Bahujan Samaj Party in the coming Telangana elections. Mayavathi has already announced 119 candidates for the next Telangana elections under the leadership of MP Vir Singh. Earlier in 2014, BSP has surprised everyone by winning 2 seats in Telangana when TRS is at full swing.

At this juncture, the meet with Pawan Kalyan certainly raised curiosity in the minds of political members. Couple of months ago Pawan Kalyan cleared the doubts saying that he would support a party in Telangana even if his party does not participate in the elections. Moreover Mayavathi has become one of the key members to contest for the PM seat in 2019 elections. For this, the dynamic lady is trying to make alliance with the regional parties and might have thought JSP would benefit BSP in both Telugu speaking states.

On the other side Pawan is showing great impact on AP people and has come up with a new strategy saying unification of castes. Till now all the political parties have restricted themselves to their own caste for maintaining proper vote banks. This has led to dissatisfaction among other castes and provoked them to look for alternate option. Certainly with the concept of unification of castes, JSP has became their only option now. Besides this, BSP is a party with SC, ST, OBC and other religious minorities like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists. Hence we can surely say that BSP might have found the right alliance with JSP.

One more reason for this alliance could be the dishonesty of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the special category status. While the congress made injustice to AP with improper division, BJP has cheated with the appetence of special status. This has angered the peoples leader and he might have thought that this is the right time to checkmate both the traditional parties and elect a new dynamic leader like Mayavathi.

Then, what could be the strategy that Janasenani adopts in Telangana ? We all know he made a friendly gesture by praising KCR government couple of times. How could he choose BSP instead of TRS ? is the common question circulating in the minds of everyone in Telangana. Also will he participate in the campaign of BSP that is going to kick start this week ? Lets see what the time will say about these questions in future ?

It is mother of all shows

It is mother of all shows

Wednesday, 24th Oct 2018

At present everyone believes that there are no moral and ethical values for media. The way they conduct debates on silly things and project the murder stories without any concern for children is ridiculous. Just TRP ratings have become the main concern and they will go to any extent for the ratings. Usually to get more fame in this TRP competition, media deliberately targets film stars and politicians. Especially for Andhra media, actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has become the main target to achieve highest ratings.

Every one remembered how the yellow media projected Pawan Kalyan negatively in unrelated matters. Whether it is the issue of Srireddy or Kathi Mahesh, he is unnecessarily shown in a wrong way. Although some political parties have backed these type of programs to defame Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena party, these programs have irked all the common people so much that they have lost faith completely on the media.

Even Pawan Kalyan, who doesnt give away his temper for unrelated issues, has lost his cool and announced indirect war on the yellow media when unnecessarily his mothers name is dragged in to the issue. He had asked all his fans and supporters to boycott the media which supported these base less programs. As a result, the trp ratings of the particular media have said to be dropped drastically. This incident not only shows the fan base of Pawan but also it proves how the people are distressed with the present trend of media.

Annoyed by its irritating nature, through his twitter account, Pawan made an oath to show the mother of all shows to the media. It is unfair to say that Titli cyclone has laid path to it, but certainly it brought the real human nature of Pawan. He may not have done it deliberately but he showed how a responsible media person should be.

When the ruling government washed its hands saying that everything is fine in Srikakulam district, Pawan with the help of his team toured all the affected areas of the district. With no power from the past two weeks, Janasenani exposed the real facts of the victims through his twitter handle by shooting with his own Smartphone. In other words, he became journalist and uncovered the sufferings of common people to the world. It is certainly the mother of all shows, that gave a slapping retort to the entire media, isnt it ?

Everest Never Bends Infront of Anyone

Everest Never Bends Infront of Anyone

Monday, 22nd Oct 2018

In case of Politics or Cinema, people always admire the real character of the person. They identify themselves in their worshipping idol. They can oppose, respond, elate or even give their life just for the sake of their admiration. Some people call it as foolishness, while some say it as an admiration beyond the limits. Whatever it is, we hardly find such personalities in decades who can inspire large number of people. One of such unique personality is Janasena president, Pawan Kalyan.

Presently a political meeting is not possible without giving a beer bottle and money to each individual. At this juncture, gathering a huge crowd in lakhs with just one call at Dhavaleshvaram bridge shows the true caliber of the actor turned politician. But the TDP leaders are never going to believe it, saying that he is a superstar and it is common to get innumerable people when he addresses.

Before TDP won in previous elections, there was a tough fight between TDP and YSRCP to crown the CM chair. It is the sudden support of Pawan Kalyan which stood as key for the success of TDP. The same thing is accepted by the ruling party many times in these five years. Then, why the TDP leaders are changing their voice now ? how could such friendly gesture turned in to rivalry ? the answer is his commitment, says the admirers of Pawan Kalyan.

During 2014 elections Janasenani Pawan thought, the newly formed state requires an experienced leader like Chandrababu. But it did not go as he expected, the irresponsible and corrupt ruling of TDP leaders has irked him so much. Moreover the compromising nature of Chandrababu with the central government on special package has made the consequences more critical. He realized that TDP government is not at all good for common people, especially for the next generation. As a result, he has taken his support back from TDP and pledged that it doesnt come to power once again.

Standing on the side of common people, by opposing state government as well as central government now Pawan has become peoples leader. His Character with undulating courage and undistracted confidence has attracted many people to create a history in coming elections. He believes only in people but not in leaders. That is why at the launch of Janasena Party he said, even the goal is far away and the rout is dark, his heart is full of courage to reach the destiny. Simply in his words at Parade, Everest never bends in front of anyone.

Who is Pawan target in TS ?

Who is Pawan target in TS ?

Saturday, 13th Oct 2018

After establishing Janasena Party Pawan Kalyan mainly focused on Andhra Pradesh leaving Telangana elections aside. The reason could be the economically backwardness of Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation. Moreover in Telangana, TRS win is already confirmed before the commencement of 2014 elections as the people thought KCR would the right leader to lead the newly formed state. Hence Pawan thought AP requires more dedicated and experienced leaders to make it as one of the best states in India.

As a result he supported TDP for a great victory but the result is not as he expected. The state is facing lot of criticism about the irresponsible and corrupt nature of TDP leaders. So Pawan felt accountable to the people of Andhra Pradesh and making sure that it never comes to power once again. Now he almost occupied top place in the hearts of Andhra people with his Praja Porata Yatra and the coming elections has to just confirm it.

Coming to Telangana, the scene has completely changed now after KCR announced dissolution of the assembly. Although most of the people and TRS supporters aiming to repeat the great victory, the dissatisfaction among some people raising doubts about its win. At this juncture, it is interesting to see who would does Janasena support in Telangana state. As Pawan has huge fan base and his own healthy cadre in Telangana, it has become the talk of the state now.

Actually Pawan himself wanted to contest in 2019 Telangana elections, but the dissolution of the assembly has come like a surprise for him. By that time he already readied 20 to 25 candidates to contest in the elections. During the tour of his Praja Porata Yatra he himself disclosed about this to a scribe and said now it is impossible for him to contest in TS. But declared that he will definitely support a party as he had done for TDP in previous elections.

In Telangana, mainly three political parties are battling for power. The ruling party TRS is very much confident about its victory while the opposition Congress is making their own strategies to thrown the CM chair. In this regard, it has made an ally with TDP which is a big surprise for common people. On the other side BJP is moving its pawns to gain the space between the two parties. At this time, who will have the support of Janasena ?

He will not support Congress, thats for sure, as it is the main culprit for state bifurcation and making ally with TDP. The chances are more to support TRS as well as BJP. But whoever he supports, they have to face his dissatisfaction if they dont keep their promise to common people, it is guaranteed as he is peoples leader.

Andhra occupied, what about Seema ?

Andhra occupied, what about Seema ?

Friday, 12th Oct 2018

We all know Pawan Kalyan is the king of box office collections when it comes to movies. Andhra, Naizam or Seeded irrespective of the regions he shook the box office with his own style of acting. Then, what about politics ? will he smash the bulls eye in politics also ? would he create the same sensation in politics as much as he did in movies ? These are the questions revolving in every diehard fans mind.

Clearing their doubts Pawan Kalyan single handedly uplifted the prevalence of the Janasena Party in recent times. Whether it is opposing the special package from the central government or criticizing the state government for accepting the package, his sincerity is admitted by the people of Andhra Pradesh. Even though he supported both the parties in the previous elections, people believe that it is acceptable considering those situations.

And their belief is shown in the form of appreciation at Praja Porata Yatra. The way Janasenani is mingling with common people and addressing their problems, it is evident that the people are finding their true leader in him. But till now Janasenani has toured only key districts of Andhra region and he is yet to visit the remaining districts including Seema region.

Both TDP and YSRCP hold prominent place in Seema region. And to gain the mileage Pawan has to tour Rayalaseema as early as possible, says a janasainik. Although to win the election both districts of Godavari are key, to clean sweep with great majority the four districts of Seema are very important for Janasena, opinions another janasainik.

But the party sources says, it is too early to think that Janasenani is neglecting the Seema region as he is doing his job brilliantly. Pawan dont need to tour for votes, a day early or late he will definitely visit each and every area of the state to address the issues. As still six more months left for the general elections, Pawan has his own plans to visit Seema regions, said the party member in a confident voice. So the gun is getting ready with the bullets of questions, stay tuned for Seema show.

Do unification of castes favor Janasena ?

Do unification of castes favor Janasena ?

Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018

In India, caste system plays a prominent role in the general elections. Often we see politicians do different things to grab the attention of the caste community. In the past history, few leaders even promised of giving CM chair to one of the caste members and later settled in the chair, offering a ministry or something else to that respective person. Finally it is the people who became fools listening to their promises.

Even then the affection for the caste has not gone in the minds of common people. This is the reason why the politicians are still using it as the main weapon to win the elections. Right now the elections of the two states are holding great anxiety in our country. While it is evident that TRS Party has more edge in Telangana state than the opposition parties, the real game is beginning in Andhra Pradesh. Along with the ruling party TDP, both JSP and YSRCP are holding their hands tightly on the CM chair.

In this race, the ruling party is very sure about their victory even though they have not kept their promises during the previous elections. On the other hand YSRCP is making full efforts to leave no stone unturned to win the next elections. But what got the main attention of the state people is Janasena Party. The way it has raised in the past 4 to 5 months is unimaginable. More over both TDP and YSRCP belongs to the upper caste community while JSP has an edge with 56 % of Backward Class people.

At this time the peoples leader Pawan Kalyan has come with a concept of unified caste system. We all know he loves India and all the castes are equal for him but what worrying the activists and fans is his strategy towards the caste system. As most of the people show affection towards their own caste it is interesting to see whether it favors JSP or not. What do you say guys ? Does it favor Janasenani ? Dont forget to add comment below.